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Maid of Honor: Heather Oliva

Heather is Catie's cousin from Bourne. She now lives in Orono, ME with her boyfriend Justin and dog Royce. Heather is finishing up her degree in teaching at University of Maine, Orono. She loves going to the beach and hiking and camping up North.

Bridesmaid: Kelly Cook
Kelly is one of Catie's oldest friends from Bourne. They lived together for 2 years in Brighton, MA (a neighborhood of Boston). Kelly is an English teacher at Bourne High School, and waitresses at the Quahog Republic Dive Bar in Falmouth, MA.

Bridesmaid: Abbie Athanas

Abbie is another one of Catie's oldest friends from Bourne. She was out in Montana for college and lived in California for a couple years before returning to Massachusetts. She is an English teacher in Winthrop, MA.

Bridesmaid: Lisa Voss

Lisa is Steve's sister from Fairfield, CT. She went to University of Colorado, Boulder and decided to stay out there. Lisa and her boyfriend Duncan played host to Steve and Catie in the winter of 2008, and showed them a great time around Boulder, Breckenridge, and Vail.

Bridesmaid: Chelsea Harry

Catie met Chelsea while waitressing at New Seabury Country Club the summer after graduating college. They had lots of fun times going to the beach, working, and going out that summer. Since then Chelsea has lived in Hawaii, and most recently Pittsburgh, with extended stays in Europe (working on her doctorate degree) sprinkled throughout. Catie and Steve made it out to Hawaii for Chelsea's wedding to Chris Walsh in 2007.

Bridesmaid: Kristin Larson

*Catie & Steve are getting married on Kristin's Birthday! Be sure to wish her a happy birthday on the big day*

Kristin is one of Catie's best friends from Susquehanna University. Despite Kristin living in the Philadelphia area they've managed to keep up over the years, with lots of Girls Weekends Lori Miragliotta and trips to each others' cities. Catie and Steve traveled to Atlantic City for Kristin's wedding to Tim Contino in 2008.

Bridesmaid: Lori Miragliotta

Lori is another one of Catie's best friends from Susquehanna. She's lived in the New Jersey/New York area since graduating, but they've been able to keep up with Girls Weekends and visits to each others' cities. Lori's made lots of trips to Boston over the years since her boyfriend Mark went to Boston College and still has lots of friends in the area.


Best Man: Michael Voss
Mike is Steve's younger brother. Mike now lives in Shelton, CT with his wife Allison. Steve was the bestman for their wedding in June of 2008.  Mike attended Plymouth State College and graduated with a Sociology degree. He enjoys biking and skiing and has skiied all around the world.
"This picture has been on display at our house since it was taken. I hope our wedding is as much fun as these candy canes."
Groomsman: Brendan Shine
Brendan is Steve's oldest friend. They were neighbors until kindergarden before the Shine's moved to Michigan. Brendan would visit every summer sometimes staying a whole month as well as vacationing in Old Lyme. He eventually moved back to CT with his family during highschool. He now lives in Tampa, FL.

Groomsman: Jon Skiptunis
Jon moved to Fairfield in 2nd grade and when asked by the teacher to choose a partner for a class project, he chose Steve. Getting stuck with the "new guy", Steve proclaimed "What! Why me?" However, they instantly became great friends. Jon now lives in New York City.
Groomsman: Kevin Callahan
Kevin's one of Steve's oldest friends from elementary school. Through roller hockey tournaments,, skiing trips, Gran Central, and rocking guitar jams they remained friends right up through college where they both attended Plymouth State. Kevin now lives in Big Sky Montana.
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Groomsman: Kevin Moore
Kevin has been Steve's friend since highschool. They both decided to attend Plymouth State College and lived together freshman and sophmore year, skiing as much as they could. Steve & Catie see many concerts with Kevin and his fiance Katelyn. They live in Bridgeport, CT and will be getting married 2 weeks after us.
Groomsman: Ethan Phillips

 Ethan was one of Steve's first friends from college. They were in the same freshman dorm and lived together throughout the student apts. and Hog Manor. After graduating he became a roommate again for a couple of years living outside of Boston. He now lives in Westwood, MA with his wife Amanda. Steve was in their wedding in Sept. 2009.